Lip Enhancements in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

Lip Enhancements

Lip Enhancements

Lip enhancements are becoming increasingly popular. At The Beauty Clinic we aspire for our patients to look as natural as possible. Please note that if patients want filler after filler to make lips look bigger and bigger then our clinic is not for you. We pride ourselves in a natural look, “enhancing natural beauty”. Patient safety is paramount in our treatment regimes; repeatedly adding filler to filler may compromise patient safety. All our patients have a face to face medical assessment to assess health, well being, realistic expectations and any medical contraindications before any treatment is undertaken.

The Beauty Clinic uses Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for lip enhancement. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in the body. The injected product will cross mesh with your own HA making the product more stable thus promoting longevity. A lip HA may last between 3-6 months dependent upon a patient’s life style and metabolism. The product may take 2-3 weeks to settle.

We treat lips of all ages (18 years onwards) as patients have many different, wants, needs and expectations. At The Beauty Clinic we will be honest with you in what you can realistically expect to achieve in the safest possible manner. Lips are treated in various ways: the vermillion border will help define and outline a lip whereas injecting into the body of the lip will help plump adding volume. Fine lines above and around the lips can also be treated in the same manner. Your practitioner will discuss options with you at your consultation. We offer a dental block to virtually eliminate any pain with every lip procedure. Some bleeding, swelling and bruising is possible post procedure; your practitioner will monitor you closely to ensure your safety.


Treatment Costs

  • Prices from £210 per ml

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Lip Enhancements

Lip Enhancements 2

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