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Our hands and feet are integral to dexterity and mobility; we need to be kind to them. These treatments are more than manicure and pedicure, they are about maintaining optimum health at all stages of life. Our Nurse Specialist offers free consultations to assess your concerns, any medical contraindications and plan a programme of care. She will identify common conditions which affect the hands, arms, legs and feet, advise appropriate treatment and exercises. She is able to deal with common hard skin conditions, fungal and yeast conditions, diabetic care, in growing nails, as well as thickening nails.

Part of the treatment includes therapeutic massage which improves circulation to the arms, hands, feet, legs and knees. This will help improve circulation and skin conditions, relieving stress and tension. Most of all it will make you feel good!


Treatment Costs

  • Prices start at just £35 (£45 for mobile)

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