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Facial Resurfacing

C&L Aesthetics at The Beauty Clinic are pleased to offer a range of Mesotherapy Hikari Cocktails. These can be used for treating dark circles and under eye puffiness, tightening and hydrating and skin as well as treating pigmentation. Cocktails are mixed for individual need following consultation.

The Beauty Clinic offers a wide variety of treatments from simple facials which cleanse and tone to medical grade products which resurface the skin and injectables which re-model the skin. We treat medical conditions such as acne, scaring, rosacea, pigmentation etc. We offer free face to face consultations with our trained medical staff to discuss options to suit your need and pocket.

Facial re-surfacing includes a variety of treatments both mechanical as well as chemical to give optimal skin results. At your free face to face consultation your practitioner will discuss options suitable for you.  This will be dependent upon health, age, lifestyle etc. C&L Aesthetics at The Beauty Clinic work with a number of cosmeceutical companies to achieve results for our patients and clients. One range is IS Clinical. These products are 95-98% botanically sourced. They are fragrance and paraben free and can be used for pregnant as well as cancer patients (25% of the profits are returned to cancer care by the company). There are a number of facials in this regime including the famous Fire & Ice.

Dermaplaning is a medical method of manual exfoliation which immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the top layer of dead skin cells and fine, downy hair (peach fuzz) leaving your skin brighter, smoother and softer. Your skin will benefit from a deeper absorption of products and create a flawless base for your make up application.

Another option for facial resurfacing is a range of chemical peels. Modern peels give little or no down time to achieve fabulous results. C&L Aesthetics Ltd use peels by Aestheticare and CosmoPro. Skin peels and re-surfacer treatments are designed to exfoliate your skin and encourage it to self refresh by creating fresh, new skin cells. They also stimulate the skin's natural collagen production to help target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our peels are designed to treat a number of conditions including rosacea, acne, scarring, uneven skin tone etc. Peels may also be combined with dermaplaning.

One of our mechanical options for skin resurfacing and skin related conditions is the use of our Bio-care One Laser by Skyncare. We treat vascular lesions, acne and epidermal pigmentation.

In addition, our laser offers The Carbon Laser Facial Peel, equivalent of having 4 chemical peels in one session with little or no downtime, or any complications like ablative lasers. The procedure produces dramatic results at a fraction of the cost compared to other treatments. This carbon-based ground breaking 3 part treatment, resurfaces your face turning back the years and provides effective skin rejuvenation with outstanding clinical results. It is highly effective for treating inflamed acne, melasma, and enlarged pores. The laser peel improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity, plus with the added benefits of reversing sun damaged skin, mild acne scarring, age spots, and freckles.

Your practitioner will discuss all options with you at your consultation to achieve the best results possible and help you make a decision which is right for you

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Facial resurfacing

Treatment Costs

  • Facials start at £15 with courses at a reduction

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We offer the following treatments:

  • Fire & Ice – Pioneered in Beverley Hills and a celebrity favourite with controlled resurfacing, no down time, encourages cellular renewal and brightens and hydrates (50 minutes).

  • Deep Cleansing Purity Ritual - A triple resurfacing system that deep cleanses, removes dead skin and encourages cellular renewal. Soothes, nourishes and hydrates (30 minutes).

  • Cancer care Harmony Facial – Developed by a specialist clinical team to provide a restorative balance to fatigued skin with penetrating hydrators bringing forth energy and circulation (30 minutes)

  • Foaming Enzyme Optimising Facial - Designed to revive tired and congested skin producing a luxurious foaming activity, exfoliating and cleansing to reveal a polished, brighter, tighter and radiant complexion (40 minutes).

  • The Youth Renewal Treatment Facial – A powerful anti-ageing treatment that cleanses, hydrates, brightens and tightens with luxurious serums and creams (40 minutes)

  • Eye Bright Treatment – To promote hydration and circulation to the tired eye area using specialised techniques and serums. This provides an immediate eye lift (20 minutes).

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Facial resurfacing


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