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Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”), is a complementary therapy of Japanese origin.

Reiki involves the Practitioner channelling the ‘Universal Energy’ that surrounds us, through their body and hands, into the energy fields (also known as ‘Chakras’ and ‘Auras’) of the client. This helps to re-balance them, as daily life can easily deplete our energy.
Reiki is safe, promotes natural healing, deep relaxation, and aids with both physical and mental/emotional problems.

During your Reiki with Sound treatment the Practitioners will be gently place their hands on or just above you, in non-obtrusive positions, covering from head to toe. After the Practitioners have treated your front with Reiki they will spend a short time using sound healing instruments such as a singing bowl and tuning forks, before asking you to turn over and then treating the back of you with Reiki followed by more sound healing.

Everything that exists has a vibrational energy from the particles that compose it, so the sound healing instruments complement the Reiki as they too re-balance energy fields but do so with the use of vibration at different frequencies.

It is likely that you will gain some benefit from one Reiki with Sound treatment. However, regular Reiki with Sound sessions are highly recommended because the effects build up and become more long-lasting.

Gemma and Jessica are both certified Reiki Practitioners, who work together in a unique way combining their energies and skills, to produce a highly effective Reiki with Sound treatment.

Treatment Costs

  • Reiki with Sound Treatment (Approx 1 hour): £45
  • Treatment Package: 6 treatments for the price of 5. Course of 6 treatments

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