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Intralipotherapy / Fat Dissolving Injections

Intralipotherapy is a widely used technique in aesthetic medicine. It uses adipocitolytic solutions containing natural cleansers that cause fat cell lysis (death). Localised fat deposits are subcutaneous adipose tissue which accumulates in specific anatomical areas that alter body silhouette. They can be unsightly and unresponsive to the normal signals to activate the metabolism (low-calorie diet, physical exercise). They can be successfully treated with intralipotherapy.

It is not possible to provide a precise prediction of the percentage improvement to the flaw being corrected, the extent or the duration of the result. It is necessary to stress that some factors affect the final result such as the healing process, which continues months after treatment and which cannot be completely controlled by the clinician or patient, general health conditions, lifestyle including food intake, age, specific skin and subcutaneous tissue characteristics, physical aspects, hereditary aspects and hormonal influence. These elements, together with other factors, influence the variability of the end result. The solution is slow acting and the gradual action needs time to achieve the treatment aim. The fat cells in the layer treated with sodium deoxycholate will undergo lysis and then a process of degradation and disposal through the lymphatic system.

A pre-treatment consultation with our one of our Registered Nurses is necessary. Information concerning the characteristics and the risks connected to intralipotherapy treatment using sodium deoxycholate-based solutions will be discussed so that any risks can be identified and questions answered.  Patients may need several treatments to achieve the desired results

Treatment Costs

  • Starting from £200

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